Sunday, April 30, 2006

False Conflicts

During the dreaded Conflicts Review Session I was pleased to know there was someone less prepared then I was. She was also on call, and her lack of knowledge aided me greatly. When she couldn't answer such difficult questions as "What is General Jurisdiction? What is Specific Jurisdiction? What is In Rem Jurisdiction?" I was able to hop in and avoid being called on for the more difficult questions, or what I like to call "Defensive Gunnering."

How can you take a year of civil procedure and a semester of conflicts and not know the answer to those questions? I refuse to believe it's that I'm a civ pro nerd. I feel kinda bad for her and then I remember the professor is a notoriously hard grader, known for giving lots of C-'s even though only 4 people in the class (myself included) are not pass/failing it, and hey, if someone has to fill out the bottom of the curve I'd rather it's her then me. Anyway, I think we solved the mystery of who got a 9 out of 25 on the midterm.

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