Tuesday, April 25, 2006

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So, before I saw this post I had a whole post in the works (in my mind) about finals distractions, which I'd been postponing actually writting until tomorrow (my first "study" day) but I decided to be ambitious and take it on tonight. You're welcome for getting it to you sooner.

During finals everyone claims to be doing so much work, but if you're at all like me, you do very little outside of lounge around and catch up on stuff you've missed out on, google stupid stuff on the internet, and maybe throw in a little gilbert's reading for good merit. I know I'm not alone in this people, I see my hits during finals, so nobody is doing that much work, well, besides 1L's...Those poor fools.

So what has been my focus so far this year? Two Words: Kevin Federline.

Here is a compilation of my person favorites. (I'm sure everyone has seen them, but really, does K-Fed being an assclown ever get old?)

1) "Resist his skanky powers!"

2) Then this weekend I discovered his MySpace page. (Yeah, apparently I live in a box since I had no idea). One more reason to not join MySpace. The sick part, in my finals induced dilusional state the song on the site America's Most Hated doesn't seem that bad, I will even stipulated to the fact that I downloaded it to my iPod. I know. I know. Direct your intervention e-mails to legallyblondeblog at gmail dot com.

3) "I look like I might stink, yo...but I don't."

4) "And he's got 2 kids with Moesha's friend."

5) "I wanna see your kitty and little bit of titty."

6) And of course, what K-Fed Compilation would be complete without James Lipton on Conan reciting Popozao?

What can I say? In the words of Mr. Britney...
"K-Federline, I hit like tsunami's."

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