Friday, May 19, 2006

Good Thing I Don't Have a Life or Anything

The only way to make the fact that I was at work until 8 p.m. tonight worse would be:

  1. If there was a critical Pistons Playoff Game on.
  2. If I still had to take work home to wrap up tonight and do dictations for tomorrow.
  3. [Hours] pointing out in a dinner conversation that he has more dinners with me then he does with his wife.1
  4. Having to go in Sunday to continue trial prep and begin entering all my time for the month.
  5. The fact that [ASSociate] got to flit off to Chicago for the weekend (not that I'll miss him).
Or maybe some combination therein, possibly all of the above.

Time to stop complaining and get back to work these deps are not going to read themselves, nor are they magically going to create a cross examination outline.

1I know this sounds shady but it's not.

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