Monday, May 8, 2006

Like a Duck To Water

The other day before our Crim Pro exam The Dude and I were outside chain smoking, when a young guy (he was about my age) approached us, and engaged in conversation regarding attending law school. Currently he was working in computers making 80K a year (allegedly, I'll believe it when I see a paystub) and was unhappy with his work, since he "hates" computers (which if you'd seen this kid, you would also have trouble believing).

He planned to take the LSAT in June and apply for the 2007 school year. Being the socially conscious people that we are The Dude and I did what we knew was right in our hearts, do everything in our power to keep this kid from going to law school.

We described the work, the people, Socratic method, the pay right out of school not even being what he's making now unless you're top 10%, the job dissatisfaction, the hours, everything.

I knew he was perfect for law school when he not only had an answer for every point we made, usually involving how he was "extremely analytical" and how he "knew he'd be good at it." In short I realized he was a weird hybrid of an arguer, a braggart, and a future gunner. After as much as I've dealt with those types I knew there would be no possible way to stop him.

It's really too bad he isn't starting until after I graduate, because there is nothing like politely telling someone like that "I told you so."

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