Thursday, June 15, 2006

"Can I Graduate, Can I get my punk ass off the street?"

Today was my brother's high school graduation. Being that he went to prep school and all the kids achievements resumes were read this meant the ceremony was over 3 hours long. My high school class was twice the size and I'd venture to say it was over in 2 hours. Hell, my class at U of M was probably 40 times the size and it didn't last that long.

My personal highlights of the evening:

  1. The CEO of Diamler/Chrysler was the Keynote speaker. This was funny for a few reasons. 1-At my graduation from U of M the Key note speaker was a race car driver who founded car and driver magazine-his high school gets Diamler/Chrysler. 2- My brother dated his daughter. 3- While he was giving a speach about technology such as "Text Messaging" actually taking us further away from people I was texting back and forth with an associate. Ok so maybe those 3 are only funny to me, but whatever.
  2. The Indian Family seated behind us. The dad kept correcting all the pronounciations of indian names in this really snarky indignant way. Everytime he did it I had all I could do to not crack up. I really wish I would have thought to record to illustrate, but I didn't so you'll just have to picture Apu from The Simpsons (in fact that is exactly how his hair was styled) mocking 2 middle aged ivy league educated men. Classic.

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