Saturday, June 17, 2006

Friday Recap

  1. Fell down the stairs at work. Only about 4 or 5. However instead of falling backwards on my butt I fell face first, landed on my knee I've previously had an ACL replacement and a broken knee cap1. As I crashed through the glass door 2 associates, a partner and a secretary were walking by-I didn't think of it at the time but I should have just yelled "SURPRISE!" I have a huge bruise and it's REALLY swollen. And I can barely walk, yet I played softball tonight-but we'll get there.
  2. Almost hit a deer on the way to softball, should have realized I then I should just go home.
  3. A ground ball took a bad bounce and my good friend took it to the mouth. Two of his teeth were at a 45 degree angle and one I had to retrieve from the dirt. Then I put it in water since it was all I had. Then I had to fish it out of the water when we got some ice. Then, before I got it into the ice I dropped it again, into the dirt. Don't worry I picked it up, but I'm kinda hoping he doesn't read this and realize I dropped his tooth in the dirt.

Had I not shown up, they would have had to forfeit and therefore my friend would still have all his teeth in his mouth-it's always my fault somehow. I think I'll stay in the rest of the weekend.

1Unpaid mafia debts, clearly. That did not happen during another falling incident at Bally Total Fitness.

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