Sunday, June 18, 2006

In Case You Care...

Finally went to have my knee looked at. Apparently my knee cap is fractured and I have water on the knee. I managed to convince the E.R. doctor to let me go see my orthopedic surgeon to have it drained.

As an added bonus I learned that telling people in the E.R. you fell down the stairs is a really good way to get treated like a battered woman. Nothing I like better than repeated questions about how I injured myself at 8 a.m., except repeated questions at 8 a.m. implying I have a boyfriend when I'm single.

I also got to hangout with some friends today. It was nice to be around people who laughed when I told them the story. Everyone who saw it was all serious, (as was my family when I told them) and I can officially say it was a sad day when people's first response to me falling was concern rather than laughter.

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