Wednesday, July 12, 2006


[ASSociate]: Why are you taking your shoes off?

Elle Woods: Because I'm going to walk over to [place] and I keep flip flops in my drawer, then if I have to walk around in the city I don't have to do it in heels.

[ASSociate]: Sounds like a great idea. I know just what you mean, walking in heels kills my feet.

Elle Woods: I will assume that was a joke since you really do not seem like the drag type.

Cut to me walking back to the office from [place], roughly 6-7 blocks from my office. All of a sudden I almost fall over. I look down to see what non-existent obstable I'd tripped over this time since I'm always super graceful only to see a broken flip flop. I try to walk with it still broken and I realize I will fall over if I keep this up. So I walk back to my office barefoot. Disgusting. Dis-Gust-Ing. Plus everyone was looking at me like I was a crazy person, so to prove them wrong I kept telling random people "there is a perfectly logical explanation as to why I'm barefoot" which in retrospect, most likely made me look even more insane.

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