Wednesday, August 2, 2006

"I'm Weird Man..."

If anyone has been paying attention, I'm taking the MPRE soon, as in Friday. For all you non-law types that would be the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam. Exam, as in test. Of course I haven't really studied unless sitting passively in a BarBri class and filling in blanks, downloading BarBri Exam Soft, and reading 18 pages of 148 page outline counts as "studying."

The thing is, my lack of studying hasn't really scared me yet. They say "nobody" fails the MPRE, unless they don't study at all. I still have over 48 hours to study. Oceans. The reason I'm worried about passing is that I cut my hair. Yes, it always comes down to my hair, doesn't it dear readers? If I still allowed comments I'm sure I'd be getting called a vampant whore who is obsessed with her hair and has nothing else to think about. But, I digress.

When I started law school my hair was short (not THAT short, but short), at that time I made some weird promise to myself which I never expected to keep-but then I sorta did for awhile so I figured I'd keep going. The promise was that I would not cut my hair until I passed the bar. My joke at the time being that it'd be down to my ass before I could cut it. What I didn't account for was the fact that my hair grows at ridiculously fast rates, as in an 1 and 1/2 inches in 2 months. I kid you not, I can tell based on the rate of "re-growth."

So on Monday, the "triple digit heat" (as the news has been calling it) and 157% humidity finally produced enough delirium for me to cut my hair off-into a fabulously adorable cut. Bringing the total amount cut off my hair in the last 2 months (in 2 hair cuts) up to nearly 8 inches.

The repercussions are bound to be severe. See, I'd been growing it out to give to kids with cancer. Except, I found out they don't want my hair. Because apparently "bleach" is used on mine...Who knew? I thought "bleach" was only used on people who my great-grandfather would refer to as "weisse kopfe" (yes I know the "o" in "kopfe" needs an umlaute and that techically the "ss" should be that weird looking German letter that looks like a "B" but is really 2 s's).

So not only were children with cancer deprived of getting my hair by the evil standards forced upon them by the adults who run the organization (because trust me, kids with cancer want my hair) when I was just 2 inches shy of having it long enough to donate, but I broke a promise to myself. During the week which I take the first portion of the Bar Exam.

I think it's clear that if I fail the MPRE, which "nobody fails" it's a result of me breaking my promise to myself and my neglect of children with cancer. Couldn't be that it's 48 hours before and I've barely studied. Could.Not.Be.

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