Sunday, July 30, 2006


  1. Toying with the idea of a new template. However, my HTML skillz are limited, so you guys will most likely have to keep reading my incoherent ramblings on this template which I have grown bored with.
  2. Last night at a party I was at with my parents a guy I'd never met told me he was in love with me. Strange. I told a friend about it and they suggested maybe it was love at first sight. That was even stranger.
  3. The weather is awful so I can't enjoy the lake today. Rather then studying I've watched The Way We Were and Taxi Driver. Strange combination.
  4. A few weeks ago we were talking about Taxi Driver at my parents house, my dad is convinced that since the "borderline kiddie porn" that Jodie Foster did in it gave her gay. He also thinks some movie that Brooke Shields did which was also "borderline kiddie porn" is what caused her post-partum depression. Clearly, he is a idiot.
  5. I've recently started Netflixing Oz, I think the fact that Ryan O'Reilly is my favorite character thus far in combination with the fact that Ari is my character on Entourage says a lot about me as a person.
  6. Just how little studying can I get away with and not only pass the MPRE but get a score I can admit around the office?

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