Monday, August 21, 2006

"It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp."

[ASSociate] was officially fired today, however he has to come in for the next 2 weeks and be a waste of space. In other words, nothing has changed yet. While clearly this is a positive in the grand scheme of things it does put a rather large dent in my material around here. However, this does free things up so I can post some of his uber idiotic things which I was afraid to post before. Like how he was impeached as Commissioner of his fantasy football league because he "allegedly" used his powers for evil and changed things around since apparently the Commissioner gets everyones password. He doesn't deny said activities went on, he just puts them all on his brother. In other words, his family is shady too.

Rumor has it the "hellhole" I refer to as "school" has finally put wireless in the classrooms. So at least we can all look forward to me live blogging labor law.


AngryBell said...

Does this mean they are freeing up a slot to hire you on full time? And is that a scary thought?

Elle Woods said...

[Hours] kept asking me if I'd be around before he made the decision, but I think I had a job available anyway.

And yes, that is terrifying.