Monday, August 14, 2006

New Feature?

I've been thinking about having a weekly feature for awhile. Basically, it would involve me posting pictures/videos of hot men once a week. Or maybe it's just an excuse for me to post this:

Maybe we could call it "Sexy Sunday", this week I'm just a little belated.


Energy Spatula said...

I did this for a LONG time...probably close to a year...eventually I sort of ran out of motivation and good pics of hot guys.

Elle Woods said...

I have faith in google images being able to find me hot mens. I didn't know you did this, is it cool if I take it over.

Energy Spatula said...

Oh god, I don't care. I used to call it "Just Because"...Soupie (when he was still blogging) had "JB Girls" and so I started a little franchise for the ladies. It was fun, if you email me I'll tell you where I got some of my better pictures.