Monday, August 14, 2006

To book, or not to book?

Considering not buying books for any class other then my seminar (I lack the moxy to stroll into a room with 12 people sans books and never participate in discussion). Despite the fact that I'm a huge slacker I've never taken it that far. I only read them when I'm on call, so basically it's a big waste of money. But at the same time it kinda makes you feel a little at ease knowing you have them should you need kindling for a fire to read for a class. Anyone have experiences that might help?


some guy said...

Books? Who needs 'em? Just use Westlaw and Lexis casebriefs (or brief it! or whatever each one calls it) if you get called on.

Elle Woods said...

No internet at my school.

phoey. said...

Your library should have copies of all required texts on reserve. If you're really concerned, you could read those for when you're on call.

I have a friend who didn't buy any books for his entire second year, and pulled in higher grades than he did when reading. Could be the change in the curve, or it could just be that he didn't need to read. In any event, I vote don't buy them, and then if you're desperate later on, get them off or something.