Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Real Crack Operation

Scene: Elle Woods at her parents house alone, and being that she's the homemaker of the year and has just worked out she decides to order pizza.

Me: Do you have any specials today?

Pizza Guy: Yeah either 2 Medium Pizzas with 2 toppings, a large salad and a 2 liter of cola for $19.99 or 2 Medium Pizzas with 1 topping for $12.99.

Me: Ok, well, umm I just want one Medium Pizza.

Pizza Guy: Ok, what would you like on it?

Me: Green Pepper and Onions, can I please get that thin crust?

Pizza Guy: Sure, that'll be $12.88.

While I don't really have a use foradditional leftovers which would last me a week I can't help but feel $0.11 for an additional pizza might have been a sound investment.

PS-I'm blogging on my brothers old laptop right now, and some chick (in lingerie) keeps popping up to tell me "My Free Trial" is expired. I don't know if it worse knowing my brother did a trial of online porn or that the girl is fugly.

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