Wednesday, September 6, 2006

In Her Shoes...

Today on the way home from school I was listening to the radio, they had taken a call from a listener.

She's 26 years old, had been dating a guy for 7 years, they'd broken up, and she'd found out he'd given her HIV/AIDS. He claims he didn't cheat. He admitted he knew he had it. She has full blown AIDS and was given 6 months to live. She doesn't want to subject herself to the regiment of AIDS medication, doesn't want to live with the disease and also doesn't want him to live another second of his life. She had told her friends she wants to "end his life" (interestingly, she would not say "kill", and was upset her friends were not supporting her.

The obvious options are:

  1. Kill him, as she mentioned. Her spending the remainder of her life in jail is also not an appealing option, however from the sound of things she was more the murder/suicide type. Additionally, I think this is way too humane for this guy in a lot of ways, in that a gunshot is a lot less painful than dying of AIDS.
  2. Bring a case of attempted murder. While him dying in prison seems appealing she will most likely never get to see the result and as such I can see how from her perspective this option is not appealing. Plus I don't really like the idea that tax payers would have to may for this scumbags' medical treatment while he's in prison.
  3. "Lorenna" him. I like this option the best. He suffers immediately and in the long term from dying of AIDS, and you stop him from spreading it a la Telly in Kids. The biggest downsides would be the medical workers he could then expose to the disease and the possibility of a prison term.



lalagigi said...

i would post him on

legallyintoxicated said...

I like that this comes directly after the ethical post. And i'd go with 3,and just make sure the hospital knows of the AIDS. She could probably get out on bail and she's only got 6 months anyway.

Elle Woods said...

When I told a friend of mine I was "ethical enough to practice law" he look at me and said, "ehh, or you know how to answers questions correctly."