Saturday, September 30, 2006

Scenes From an Italian Restaurant

Scene: Dr. Feel Good and I are having dinner, after he's had the pleasure of meeting my entire family when they happened to be there (despite my best efforts to dispel them) when he came to pick me up.

Dr. Feel Good: You family seems to have a bit of identity crisis.

Elle Woods: That's one way to put it, you are going into psych so I'm sure you have other ways.

Dr. Feel Good: No it's just, you're very Nordic looking and yet...Your mother's skin is roughly the color of my oak dining room table, yet her hair is blonder then yours-which I suspect is not a natural occurrence, your father has olive skin and black hair, and your grandmother just made me taste the spiciest mexican food I've ever eaten.

Elle Woods: Wow you didn't even touch on my grandpa.

Dr. Feel Good: Wasn't going to go near him walking around in his underwear with a 10' pole.