Thursday, September 28, 2006

S is for Smart.

This morning I saw a license plate resembling this:

I decided I had to speed up to see what tool would have that license plate, particularly after seeing this lovely plate last month.

The driver was applying her makeup, while driving 70 mph down a 3 lane freeway with 20 foot concrete walls. Sparty on!

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lalagigi said...

whats the point of her license plate? makes no sense unless you put it into context, like you did, or rather, the driver did, not on purpose.

umichigan - my first choice ugrad, wait listed out-of-state. i think the o-o-s percentage was high? don't remember. this was 10 years ago. as for my home state's of virginia...o-o-s percentage was 35%, quite high.

instead i went to rutgers - nb located in three cities and two counties in central new jersey along the raritan "smells like rare eggs" canal.