Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Dear Life,

I hate you. We should break up.

With utter disdain and contempt,
Elle Woods


Stephen B. said... we need to put you on some sort of suicide watch or something?

Eric B said...

Hang in there blondie. You're in law school and you're dating a doctor. Things could be worse.

Stephen B. said...

Oh, you're dating a doctor? You should just take something for your troubles then. Get him to write you a script. I recommend Alprazolam, 1 mg tablets, 1 po q 8h prn.

Elle Woods said...

I can't take Alprazolam, I am thinking the effexor does needs to be raise.

No need for a suicide watch yet.

Anonymous said...

Dear Elle,
I broke up with you first....and you still have all my stuff! Give it back.

Anonymous said...

Above comment posted by "Life".