Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do Your Job.

Once again Blockbuster never ceases to amaze me. A little background: Granted, I have netflix so there really isn't a need for me to "leave the house" for such things as movies, but back when Grey's Anatomy came out on DVD I wanted to see it right away and Netty had "short wait." So I went and rented them. The lady tried (and succeeded) in trying to get me to join some "rewards" program. The benefits of the reward system were as follows:

  1. A free rental after you rented 5
  2. A free "favorites" with the rental of a new release Monday-Wednesday
  3. A free "favorite" each month

Given that I was getting 5 movies at that time, I figured it was worth it. I, however rambled on about how I didn't know why I was doing this since I had netflix. This prompted her to give me a code for a month free of blockbuster online. When I entered the code, it didn't work right, so I pulled out my junior lawyer card and wrote a strongly worded letter. Blockbuster responded by adding 4 weeks free to the 2 week free trial, a move I appreciated. Anyway, blockbuster online comes with a coupon for a free instore rental each week.

Anyway, all this basically means that on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I can get 3 movies and pay for one. In theory. However trying to get this through the store clerks is like pulling teeth. Literally I've been through this with them 4 times. Then they look at me like I'm a total BITCH for daring to question whatever skills it takes to incorrectly ring up videos. Then they act like I'm the one holding up the other customers. Call me crazy, but maybe you screwing things up is causing the slow down.

Ok, whatever, I don't have a point other than the fact that I'm one rant away from a whole new level of bitter.

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dicta said...


i'm level 3 bitter, but if this thing with mary-the-cat-lady keeps progressing and i have to bitch her out, i might reach level 4 sometime next week!

it's important to have goals.