Monday, October 16, 2006


So I made it almost 3 days without wireless (really only one when I was around) before I caved. I returned a pair of shoes I'd recently bought...Seriously I chose something over shoes, that is a first for me, and it's not even summer when I can use my computer outside.

Anyway, I bought the new router and then I had to go about installing it. I should note here that my last one was installed my a gracious friend who allowed me to pay him in homemade lasagna and white russians.

So I set about installing it. Filled with false confidence, since my dad as assured me that you just pop in the CD and follow the steps.

Everything is going great, until I get to the part where I setup the wireless. I try twice on my laptop. Twice on the desktop. Each time the hangup is that I don't know the username or password. By this time I've read through all the paperwork, no mention of a username or password.

Then I hassled aLs for a bit. No help at all, just as I suspected.

Finally I call tech-support for the router which is supposed to be offered "at a reasonable price." I pulled out my junior lawyer card, told them I was missing my username and password and as such I should not be charged for tech support since it was their fault I didn't said information.

Next the guy asks for the serial number, and tells me to check the bottom of the router for it, at which time I notice the username and password are clearly printed just under the serial number.

Luckily I wasn't charged and I am again able to use my computer in bed without the fear of being strangled.

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LawNut said...

You chose something over SHOES???? Please don't let this become a habit...