Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Parking Garage

Hours: I thought you drove a Prius or some earth friendly crap like that.

Me: I used to.

Hours: And now you drive this?

Me: Yeah. I was sick of driving a little car in the snow and barely being able to get out of my driveway.

Hours: I hope you know that's a chick car.

Me: Well; first off, I am a chick; second, you drive a "truck" which is basically the same; and third, if anything mine is MORE manly since yours doesn't allow you to choose when it goes into 4-Wheel Drive like mine does.

Hours: Mine's black, that means it's inherently NOT a chick car. Plus I'm about to buy [dream car].

Me: Relying on color to prove you don't have a chick car really is an interesting approach. Plus you're getting your dream car used.

Hours: Keep it up and I might be able to afford a new one once I won't have to pay you.

Me: That logic is worse than "my car isn't a chick car since it's black," you'd make less without me around. Face it, you're stuck with me now that [ASSociate] is gone.

Hours: I know.


lalagigi said...

so argumentative about a car
i would seriously be annoyed at hours' comments

Elle Woods said...

I'm always annoyed by him.