Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Family Ties

Once again my family proves it's bizarre...

Grandpa: I went and looked at a Thai restaurant today, I was thinking of buying it. The owner had the hots for me.

Me: Ohh?

Grandpa: Yeah, so I told her about my friend Jeff who is married to an asian. He says you haven't screwed until you've screwed an asian...She said "I show you."

Me: Yeah umm, I have some school work to do.

1 comment:

lalagigi said...

as an asian, i have heard these things. this might be as ludicrous as the asian females have small voices b/c they are submissive.

but then again, referring to physiology, maybe they are better lays b/c they are smaller = tighter?

i hope that was rated R and not NC-17 for your blog