Tuesday, October 24, 2006


I came to the decision that I hate all of my father's family and that I'm sick of dealing with them and all their issues. I was also recently diagnosed (again-I'm finally starting to believe it) as having atypical depression.

Was this ever a law blog? I really do not remember writing about the law or anything related to it.


lalagigi said...

in reference to the wiki
i do think food control will help
although i find that my food cravings increase esp. with stress
but whatever shit they put in the food nowadays, just leads to more food eating

i say stick to healhty foods like veggies and water and fiber

might change ur moods or at leaast stabilize them

stephenb said...

nah, just take the drugs. it's a helluva lot easier than watching your diet.

dicta said...

"Atypical Depression (AD) is a subtype of Major Depression characterized by mood reactivity — being able to experience improved mood in response to positive events. In contrast, sufferers of "melancholic" depression generally cannot experience positive moods, even when good things happen."

correct me if i'm wrong, but this "mood reactivity"...how is that not "normal"? my mood improves when good shit happens, and it worsens when bad shit happens. that's called being human. they really have a name for everything these days.

but your mood changes based upon daily events...you should probably buy stuff from pfizer, etc. they dont want your money, they really want to help you. really.

Elle Woods said...

It's that I can be happy, but it lasts for about 30 seconds and then I'm back to how I always feel.