Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Live in [Southern] California Once.

I know I said I had a middle seat on my flights, however things worked out much better for me. The way there I had an entire row to myself and for my short flight home I also had an entire row to myself.

Unfortunately for me when I got to Hertz they were out of economy cars. So I had to cope with having one like this instead:

It was really difficult.

I also did all the touristy stuff and saw the Hollywood Hills, the Hollywood Sign, Scientology World Headquarters, Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach.

Venice Beach

Chinese Theatre

The Hollywood Sign

View of the Hills from Mulholland Drive

Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier


AngryBell said...

I'm sorry that you had to suffer like that. You are inspiration to others.

angela said...

Venice Beach is great, and so is Santa Monica. I'm glad you had fun!

lalagigi said...

sweet...you didn't go to koreatown and check out the food :( or to glendale to checkout porto's potato balls, sandwiches and iced chai

Scott Felsenthal said...

I use to travel to that area a lot, and it is such a nice place.

Thanks again for adding my blog (http://thelegalscoop.com) to your site.


Elle Woods said...

Ohh, I was not eating while I was there. The women are so tiny.

lalagigi said...

oh man don't remind me !

Essien said...

Nice wheels. Look at them RIMS! I'm enjoying sone -30C weather here in Toronto, the great white north. Damn that sucks.

M said...

SoCal is the best, I similarly decided to move there after my first visit. Man I hate winter.

some guy said...

hey, why no pictures of you?