Saturday, February 17, 2007


Sigh. It's been a long rough road from here.

Not that I can really say anything, since I sported a similar look as a pissed off adolescent, however, that is exactly the point. I was a rebellious tween, you're a soon to be twice divorced mother of 2 in your mid-twenties. I get really sick of hearing about how you didn't have an adolescence and how you're doing it now. Grow up Peter Pan, you're a mother. Act like it.

Not to mention if you really don't want people touching you1, taking pictures of you, and making a fuss over you maybe you should not do things like: check into rehab for 2 minutes, shave your head in full view of cameras, get random idiotic tats, show your C-Section scar, hang out with Paris Hilton, show your vag, try on strippers' fishnets/bikinis, or puke all over your car. Because really, it seems like you're begging for attention.

More pictures of Britney loosing her mind here.

1As I'm sure you learned by now people just want to touch you more and rub your head when it's "styled" like that.

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