Tuesday, April 3, 2007

"You Ain't a Beauty, but Hey You're Alright"

So much to write about, so little time, and with the wireless broken at school today I wasn't able to bring you the 87 Million posts I had planned. My BarBri books got here yesterday, I'm sure I'll post a picture soon to shock you darling little 1Ls and 2Ls who have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.

Also my school fell in the U.S. News Rankings, mainly since nobody has jobs.

Since that makes me feel better.

When I get 2 seconds I'll detail the emails we've been getting from the Dean about that one. Also the Dean parked next to me for the 2nd time in a week today. The man could not park to save his life, but more on that later-and his insane vanity plate. Sorry for the crappy "I don't have time to post" post.


Another Asian Law Student said...

Sucks how the USNWR really does indirectly control our career...

lalagigi said...

is it the chicken or the egg? as in, nobody has jobs b/c of USNWR rankings and ranking your school lower, or USNWR ranked the school lower b/c no one has jobs like you said or both (what you and asian law student said)?

amazing how you get:
- barbri study
- accounting
- classes
- projects and papers
- bath and beauty products shopping ;)
- blogging
- job-searching
- financing your edu./life all straight in your head and online

madlawblogger said...
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madlawblogger said...

It's not so much a chicken and egg, at least in the metaphysical sense... there is an answer here. One of the major affectors of the USNews Ranking is job placement (20%)... the MI economy sucks so we drop to a tier four school. So now employers and potential applicants see the drop. It follows that the applicant pool quality drops, and the prospective employers are even less excited to hire... All this with virtually no meaningful change in faculty or facilities.

It's more like the US News is stealing my watch, and now lying to me and all my friends about what time it is.