Sunday, April 8, 2007

Just A Typical Weekend

Busy, busy weekend. Not only did the entire family come over for Easter (complete with disappearing acts from Uncle Crackhead every 20 minutes and more pushing the food around the plate than actually eating), but I also got digital cable. And a Tivo DVR. So far there have been 2 service calls this weekend and while I do have all the channels now, the DVR isn't work properly still (it doesn't record-call me crazy but I feel that might be the most important feature) and they can't come fix it until next Saturday thanks to "my" schedule.

I know what you're thinking. 2 service calls? The first serviceman just left and told me I had to go get a box from the service center since the one had "allocated" to me wasn't working and it was only getting 2 channels. So after I drove 30 miles round trip and hooked it up (eventually summoning my father, the electrician) it turned out that it was not the first box (or the 2nd box) but some other issue which he should have fixed. So after 2 hours on the phone demanding it be fixed that night customer service told me the first tech was going to come back between 4-6 that afternoon (this had all started a 9:30). Big surprise, 6:30 rolls around, he's not here, and when I call to check up and explain the situation for the 87 Millionth time to customer service, when they tried to call him, he had turned off his phone. At which point I demanded someone else come-since I'm already missed my chance to go see Grindhouse and figured I'd be in all night anyway. So technician #2 tried to make me feel bad for "making him miss dinner with his family"-as if I have a heart.

So when technician #2 left everything was working, and then around 10pm as I was attempting to program all my recordings (yes, that is what I did on Saturday night, back off or I will hurt you). At that point I spent another hour on the phone, at which point it was determined I needed another service call-which they promised to be able to do Monday without me missing work. Only when I was called today to finalize that wasn't possible. So after I threw another tantrum and started negotiating I ended up with free DVR for 6 months and free HBO for a year. Apparently my junior lawyer card works occasionally.


Another Asian Law Student said...

i want free dvr for 6 months :[

quick note: why didn't you just get tivo instead?

Elle Woods said...

DVR is what my cable provider uses, and I'd heard you need a landline to get Tivo, which I do not have.