Wednesday, May 16, 2007

PMBR Day #2, Part II

Anyone who thinks law students are anti-social freaks that lack even the most basic interpersonal and logical reasoning skills has not seen anything until they have seen those same people during bar review. For some reason, despite the fact that the bar is not curved, and it's months away, the competitive nature has already kicked in at a level unlike anything I've ever seen.

One girl ran out of paper today (which was admittedly bush league since it's the 2nd day and you should have a clue by now). She asked a couple people around her for paper to no avail, finally one girl gave her 2 sheets. For a 3 and a 1/2 hour lecture. I took my laptop, so I did not have any paper, but since I am nice sane1 I offered to email her my typed notes.

The reality is, even if the bar was curved, the girl who can't remember to bring a notebook with more than a couple sheets of paper to a lecture which lasts over 3 hours is not who I am worried about on a curve. But why should we expect such high reasoning out of people who recently received their Doctorate of Law degree?



Silly Little Law Student said...

seriously?! who is THAT dumb..... hahahaha.... is there a way to revoke her JD?

Dizzy said...

I would have been the girl who didn't notice the notebook was low when she grabbed it. Sheesh. If you keep it in your bag so it's ready to go, and forget to replace it, it's easy to do.

And this post is why I don't want to do Barbri. I never learn anything in the part where someone is just talking anyway. And it's been three years of competition. I've had enough. If you can take it though, I think it's really good to be able to practice while in a test setting. (I saw your other post ;) I swear, I'm not judging...)