Sunday, June 24, 2007

Dear Verizon,

I'm not even going to discuss what irony it is that all 3 of your technicians I have talked to today have been mouth breathers. This last one is particularly pleasant telling me I have the "cheapest PDA offered" and that "maybe PDAs are not for me."

Here's a thought, work out the glitch in your technology so I do not have to deal with daylight savings bullshit 3 months after it happened since I just happened to get a PDA. Sure I knew it was the cheapest one, but I also knew it was the smallest one and that it had more than enough functions for me so why would I pay more so I could have a touch screen which isn't important to me.

The only good part was getting to be a bitch to him (and therefore releasing some bar exam stress) and feel justified after he made that comment.

Hugs and Kisses,
Elle Woods


Irina said...

Hi! Several monthes ago I commented your blog. Maybe you remember me, I'm from Ukraine and I study law now. So I have a question and can't found an answer. Who has initiative of laws in the USA? Only Congress? For example, can usual people create a project of law, collect necessary amount of signatures and than send it to the Congress?

Elle Woods said...

In terms of federal law only Congress has the power to make law. People may lobby their congress-person but that is the extent of their ability to impact the legislative process. Many states do allow for referendums for state law, but that is different than federal law. I could not cite me as an authority though.

Irina said...

Thank you! You answer confirmed my suppositions))