Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Am Too Tired to Name This Post.

So much has happened in the last 48 hours I can barely wrap my mind around it.

-My grandparents get a $1000 Mobil for the month of May. It was abundantly clear based on the locations, times of use, and repeated charges within a 5 minute span that my crackhead uncle had stolen my Grandpa's speedpass and had not only been using it to fill his tank (and most likely his girlfriends' tank), but was also most likely selling gas (a la Reality Bites). Yet, I my grandparents refused to acknowledge that he had, or even could have, stolen from them.
-Despite this, I was informed that the day earlier he had asked if he could move in on July 4th (since he is being evicted from his house). Apparently that is what happens when you don't pay your house payment. Who knew? It's worth noting that he had a year to cure, so he's known this was coming and didn't mention anything until a week before he had to move in, we all knew his house was owned by the bank, but we had no idea when/if that occurred or if he would be moving in. It's also worth noting here that he cannot move in with his girlfriend since she has supervised visitation, related to something which occurred at my uncle's house which the children witnessed-so he cannot be around them at all. Translation: her 5 year old twins saw him/them smoking crack.
-Of course my grandparents decided to let him move in. I know it's their son and all, but the reality is they have been supporting him for over 2 years now and he hasn't gotten better, he's gotten worse as addicts tend to do. At what point do you recognize what you are doing is not working and change the pattern?
-I inform them I will be moving out if he moves in since I am not going to watch that on a daily basis and I refuse to be a part of that much dysfunction. I get treated like I am being a drama queen as a result of this.
-As a result of realizing I need to move before July 4th I have roughly 87 panic attacks, cry for 2 hours, leave and go stay with a friend for the evening, eat Maggie Moo's Tiramisu Ice Cream for dinner, drink Mojito's and watch The O.C. while we gossip.
-I was virtually unable to fall asleep and got maybe 3 hours.

-BarBri MBE 200 Question Practice Exam (which I scored well on, yay me!).
-Getting keys to the new place, the details of which my mom worked out for me during the day on Friday.

-Pack, move, and unpack in under 5 hours. Sure I have to go back after the bar and get a lot of my (winter) clothes I didn't bring, but it was nonetheless it was an impressive feat.


Aimee said...

I hate to mention this, but if a crackhead is moving into the same house with your clothes, they may not be there when you go to retrieve them. Just a thought. Good luck on the bar.

Elle Woods said...

This is possible, as I was informed today by my mother when she called him (basically to scope him out on the whole issue since she has as many -if not more-issues with him than I have) that he was removing his shrubs and selling them to his neighbor for a "small profit"...It has also become abundantly clear based on the flakey stories regarding how he "lost his car in Ohio" that he sold it for crack.

Elle Woods said...

It is also worth pointing out that my old room is locked...I also plan to move a couple things to my parents next weekend.

laurie said...

I have been reading this blog on and off for a year. I've decided that you're a gifted child. Please stay away from the drama - and as a legal genius in training, you don't wanna accidentally be around illegal actions. In this family, you've got to be the guiding light (or so it looks like). Please don't let your grades suffer because of the family stuff, big hug to you.