Monday, July 2, 2007


I am kinda wondering if as a result of living in a tense state for the 2 1/2 months I'll become one of those people who has to have something to worry about. Like my mother. She is constantly worrying, when I say something to the effect of "why are you worrying about that, it's not within your control" her immediate response is "it's what I do, I have to worry." She is also prone to waking up around 1 am and staying up all night worrying. Since that is healthy. I wish she'd take a damn xanax and chill out.

Anyway, having watched her self induced panic my whole life has made me realize there are people out there who need to create situations; be it drama, sadness, stress or something else it seems they cannot function without it. And now that I've lived over 2 months of my life under this type of stress, which I am sure will carry on until November to an extent, I'm just hoping I haven't grown accustomed to it and started to thrive on it (since I am handling the stress part a lot better than expected). Anyway, I'm late (this is the first time I've been late, don't get all judgmental about how rude I am) to BarBri (which is an all day class today-awesome) so I guess I'll take up the matter at a later date, or not, since this is roughly how I feel about posting these days.

In other exciting news I moved in right next to the Caribou I used to stop at on my way to work everyday, I hope they remember me since it was the first time I was a regular at a place other than a bar.


Crash Esquire said...

Do you still work for Bill, More, and hours? Or have you found more gainful employment.

Elle Woods said...

I am not working at all anymore...I was until the end of June, but now I am just studying.