Friday, July 6, 2007


I think I'm getting sick. I thought it was just allergies but now it feels like I'm swallowing razor blades and my tonsils are visibly swollen (as in you can see them when you look at my neck). Not only do I not even want to deal with the doctor's office, I also do not have health insurance. Which, in the grand scheme of health care I have to pay for, I suppose tonsillitis is pretty far from the worst case scenario.

The question is, I am doing the responsible thing and calling the doctor? Of course not. I decided I needed a day (and by that I mean an afternoon) off, so I called my hair salon and begged them to work me in for a highlight and cut today.

As for seeing the doctor, my parents are having a party tomorrow which I am required to put in some face time at, I presume there will be a couple doctors there so hopefully one of them will be willing to call in a prescription for me.


moo said...

If it is a virus, you don't need to take any medicine or even see a doctor. You just need rest, liquids, and rest.

Elle Woods said...

Yeah I know, but I'm really prone to tonsillitis ever since I had my adnoids (so I'd stop getting sinus infections).