Sunday, July 22, 2007


I really just want to give up on Secured Trans and Commercial Paper. At this point the plan is to ramble something off about Bona Fide Purchaser for Value Without Notice, Order Paper, Bearer Paper, Order Paper becoming Bearer Paper and move onto the next essay since there is really no chance of me remembering any thing else.

Also, the Domestic Relations I tried to do earlier were less than stellar. How the hell was I supposed to know I should mention the parties capacity to enter into a marriage before I discuss it? This justifies my hatred/fear of the entire institution of marriage and all that comes along with it.

I'm really tempted to throw my books up against a wall and call it a day, but then at 7:00 when I go over and pick them up it will be degrading and humiliating, even if nobody witnesses it.


Harmless Error said...

But you can be less than stellar and still pass with flying colors! I know, I'll shut up, because nothing is calming at this point.

sweet jane said...

I'm with you--I'm studying Secured right now, just "finished" up Commercial Paper.... I have trouble relating acronyms to their subjects, so I always try to have something that connects the string of letters/sentence it represents to the actual topic. Hence, my nifty acronym for negotiability spells W'SUP! I'M Fucked. No Problem!

I went to the bank yesterday to cash some checks and, while I was waiting, found myself mumbling out loud about order paper and bearer paper and endorsements and exceptions for checks. I didn't realize that I was actually producing sound until I saw that the rednecks in front of me were looking over their shoulders and inching away from me. Always a bad sign.

It's been a relief to read your blog--I haven't felt so alone. Thank you.

Good luck to you!