Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tortious Interference.

I get that I am irrationally angry right now and extremely on edge but I seriously wanted to cut the guy who came and sat at the table next to be at Caribou while I was clearly reading Corporations while frantically transcribing and started up numerous cell phone conversations, which based on his vagueness and the subject matter discussed, led me to believe he was running an escort service. Seriously.

So, being that I was trying to be rational, as soon as a tabled opened up I moved across the coffee shop. Which, due to how much shit I brought, took 3 trips. You'd think that a decent human being after the first trip would have said "ohh don't move, I am about to leave"...Not this guy, he let me move everything and them packed up.

Yes, I am being cranky and bitchy and expecting things from total strangers. And yes, I am in a public place. But damn, a little human decency would go a long way. As much as I wanted to rush to open the passenger side door of my car this morning before the old lady who pulled in after me started to open her door I didn't.

UPDATE: the power went out for awhile. Are. You. Even. Kidding. Me. During the Black-Out of 2003 (which I have decided will end up being one of those things Mid-Westerners rant to their Grandchildren about in 50 years) I was studying for the LSAT (which was a lot further off and not nearly as important) with a friend who was studying for the MCAT, that was bad enough, this is enough to put me into a full on nervous breakdown if it continues.


admission against interest said...

I will be bringing a flashlight to the exam. I'm just happy that little "steam explosion" in NY happened yesterday instead of, oh, a week from yesterday.

Silly Little Law Student said...

There's no such thing as common decency in public places anymore. Seriously what a tool and a half. Good Luck studying!

Essien said...

Buddha say, "Fuck!" But world turn out ok in the end.