Wednesday, July 18, 2007

PMBR 3-Day Recap

Much has been made about if PMBR is helpful or not. Let me put this to rest, yes it is. The timing of ours sucked since it was so late, but in reality that was the fault of BarBri to an extent so I can't fault PMBR for it.

I definitely got a bit weirded out when the guy said he reads blawgs in his hotel rooms at night to see what people are saying about the course. Yes, I know that is totally irrational, in that I (hope) I will never see him again and I certainly was not the only blonde in the room. I was, however, sitting rather close to the front and did have a bit of a crush on him since a cute guy who can explain the Continuing Trespass Doctrine in under 2 minutes is all it takes to make me swoon right now. Not to mention he was very prompt in his reply to my email so that was also kick ass.


Rick Lax said...

makes you swoon?
i try reading my girlfriend my casebooks, and i do it in a sexy voice, but it never does anything for her. what am i doing wrong?

Elle Woods said...

She needs to be completely neurotic from having had the concept poorly explained during lecture 2 months ago (by the one Professor from her law school who taught BarBri) and have been too lazy/busy/occupied with other things to have looked it up herself.

some guy said...

Chris Fromm?

Elle Woods said...

Yes, totally.