Thursday, August 9, 2007

Another Puppy Post...

Since I have nothing better to write about. Our first obedience class was yesterday. Teddie did marvelously. Me, not so much. They say it's about training the human more than about training the dog, which given that I managed to piss off the trainer within the first 10 minutes and was extremely annoyed 1/2 way through with his approach to small dogs, made me extremely "hesitant" to listen.

  • First he kept calling Teddie "she", which I corrected and he got all pissy about.
  • Then he would ask for someone to volunteer their dog to demonstrate, and when I did (and nobody else did) he would literally take one of the big dog owner's leashes from their hand and use a big dog and look at me and say "I like to use big dogs for these."
  • Next he yelled at me for "bending down" to give my dog treats, yet I wasn't bending. I was dipping at the knees just far enough to reach him, almost into a "Bunny Dip." When I questioned how I was supposed to give a dog that is 10'' at the shoulder treats without bending and without him jumping up without dipping he ignored me.
  • Last I was scolded for letting my dog sleep with me since it will communicate he is the "Alpha Dog"-if you saw his behavior it would be clear this is not the case.
In other news I am exhausted from the early morning potty walks, work, afternoon walks playing, cooking dinner, playing, and then finally putting the baby to bed.


paragon2pieces said...

hm... doesn't sound like obedience training was any fun at all. what a lame trainer. are you going back?

blbrry said...

theodore is so appropriate
he looks just like a teddy bear !

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

You've probably already figured this out, but it looks like you and Teddy need a different trainer. Someone who can handle a smaller woofer.