Thursday, August 9, 2007

First Outfit.

One more since it's so cute and he was so good about letting me dress him up.


blbrry said...

i agree with the exhaustion: early morning walks, picking up his poop, steam cleaning my carpet with the ginormous one i picked up at costco, sometimes a visit in the afternoon and a walk with a break from the bookstore studying ( i only live 10 minutes away by highway), then eat and play later. has a doggie "snoop dogg" tshirt. its TOO CUTE !!!!

also bath and body for dog:
- wild oats has a deodorizer/spritz that smells like peppermint and other herbal stuff (forgot the name)
- food: gelsons has freeze dried organic treats
- idea: you could get one of those dried food makers and make ur own doggy treats/jerky for him at a fraction of the cost
- paw pleaser grape seed oil paw balm
- earthbath grooming wipes in tea tree and mango scents

how can i teach sheltie to ring a bell to poop?

angela said...

DUDE, SERIOUSLY... your dog is so cute that if you hadn't written these posts about it, I would think it was a toy.

what kind of dog is it, again?

Elle Woods said...

Blbrry: He was trained to ring the bell when I got him. However, here hereis an article on how to train your dog.

Angela: He is a Toy Poodle with an Apricot and Cream Parti-Coat.