Monday, August 6, 2007

"Somebody Has a Case of the Mondays."

Teddie has been meeting all sorts of new friends. Friday we went to the dog park and I was bossing around all the other dogs (2 Great Danes, a Boxer, a few Labs, a Collie, an Australian Shepherd, and a Whippet) making them chase after him. There is something a bit terrifying when your 8.5 lb dog is using himself as bait for various dogs who weigh over 100 lbs.

He also recently met my gay next-door neighbors 4 lb Maltese whose name is Snowball, who is a bit of an aggressive sniffer. After over a minute of Snowball sniffing Teddie the following conversation ensued:

John: Snowball! I do not know why you are so interested, he has the same thing you have!
Elle: Umm, You of all people should know that doesn't mean he is not interested.
John: [Turns bright red and starts dying laughing].

Obedience classes start Wednesday. I have to take some sort of soft treat. The catch is he has to be able to eat it for an hour straight and not get sick. They also want it to be "smelly", I am thinking I will boil chicken with garlic, but I am not sure if Dogs can eat garlic.

Just for fun, here is a picture of him looking at me like I'm a bad mother for not paying attention to him while I blog.


Matthew said...

Dogs should not have garlic.

If you dog like most treats Petsmart sell their brand of training treat in a small can. They work well and our dog loves them. If your dog is picky they sell something nicknamed 'puppy crack' it comes in what looks like a sausage tube.

If you have questions IM me at airpear53.

blbrry said...

yea i just had a garlic/onion/mushroom scare over some spaghetti sauce i made this weekend

my sheltie did not become sick
but my roommate's pomeranians started to shit out blood...

some chemical in the onions and garlic will make them anemic making their red blood cells burst

similar caution for grapes, raisins, chocolate

angela said...

Your dog is absolutely ADORABLE.

Elle Woods said...

Blbrry-Yeah see, I had read garlic (and onions and grapes and raisins and chocolate) are bad but they had recommended it at the "owner training" class.

Matthew-I found some chicken treats that are "soft" which he LOVES so I am thinking we'll go with that. I just hope they are not too rich for him.

Angela-He is, when he is not being a total spaz as he was this evening. Luckily now he is sleeping nicely next to me.

Lauren said...

i cut up thee pup-eroni sticks because they make nice small bites for dog school and my pup ONLY gets them when we are they so she loves it. i sometimes switch it up so she gets different treats.

you should be fine with the chicken treats if you break them up into smaller pieces, then teddy wont get to many!