Monday, September 17, 2007

A.D.D. is in Full Effect.

Kinda annoyed Florida got their Bar results today. We've got over 2 months based on what we were told exam day. Fun.

After much internal debate (because what else do I do these days) and even more procrastination at sending in the first RSVP (it was still on time) I decided not to invite the new guy to the first wedding of the fall. It just felt wrong to expose him to law students so soon. Plus the RSVPs for the other weddings are due after that wedding so I figure when he asks what I am doing that weekend and I tell him going to a wedding (alone) he might kinda get the clue and say something like "ohh I would have gone with you"...or he might be weirded out I didn't ask him. Whatever. Not like I'm over thinking this whole scenario. But that's kinda what I do, particularly now that I do nothing besides hang out, play with the dog, walk/bike with the dog, watch TV and cook.

Speaking of, it's kinda weird that my new favorite shows that I'd never watched before (in order) are:

  1. Dog the Bounty Hunter
  2. Almost anything on Food Network (except Rachel Ray and Alton Brown)
  3. Dog Whisperer
  4. Rock of Love
  5. Clean House
  6. Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane

Thank god for cable. Without having discovered Dog the Bounty Hunter I do not know what I would do with the Fall. It's the perfect blend of Mullets, Jesus Freaks, Tweakers, Hawaii, White Trash and Hunting People to keep me entertained. The Food TV feeds my new found love for cooking. Dog Whisperer is obvious. Rock of Love also fulfills my love of watching white trash on television. Clean House makes me feel really good about my organizational skills. Kimora makes me feel like I'm not a high maintenance diva.

I realize this post is a bit A.D.D., even for me. I wish I could explain. But I cannot.


angela said...

I hope Jes wins Rock of Love!

Elle Woods said...

Me too, but I feel like the ever-so-trashy Heather will use her stripper skills on him. Clearly he likes his girls a bit on the trashy side (see: Pamela Anderson).

E. McPan said...

Oh come on - Alton Brown is my favorite!

Elle Woods said...

I don't mind Alton, it's just his camera angles often irritate my motion sickness.

Rachel is just annoying and usually her recipes are also annoying. My pet peeve with her is that she acts as if everyone keeps everything necessary in their kitchen and that they never have to search around for the obscure spices she sometimes uses.

Nye! said...

Apparently North Carolina got theirs about three weeks ago -- four weeks to the day after the Wednesday of bar week, from what I hear.

In Ohio we still have five and a half weeks. October 26, 7 a.m. Woo hoo.

Elle Woods said...

They said November 22nd or something.

dicta said...

i also have nothing to do and watch the food network nonstop. i like rachael ray because some of her recipes are really easy/accessible, plus she says ridiculous and hilarious things since she's a giant nerd.

when i first started watching the food network i didnt like alton brown much either. but now i love him. you will grow to do the same.

Elle Woods said...

I've been watching food network for awhile. RR is just a hack, that is why I dislike her. Alton is fine by me, but his camera angles make me sick.