Thursday, September 20, 2007


Generally the only thing that happens to me due to my mother working in a dentist's office is occasional scolding due to poor flossing habits (which I happily report, I am still flossing, after a brief cessation in July around the time of the Bar). However, two days ago was different.

My mom came home from work asking if I would ship the electric toothbrush she got for free from the Crest/Oral-B Rep to my little brother. She doubted I wanted it since I've always been a manual brusher. I looked at her as if she was crazy, told her I wanted it, opened the box and began charging my new toy.

Before this I never thought my teeth got as clean with an electric toothbrush as when I brushed them, however, as soon as I brushed with it I knew I was in love. Before using it I would have never spent $135 on a toothbrush, now I understand. It has 2 modes for Brushing, Clean and Soft (for sensitive teeth); a Massage mode for the gums, a Polish mode (which I have yet to try, but am very excited about) and a few other very handy features. My teeth feel like I just left the dentist, and they stay that way all day. Plus I've already noticed my teeth are whiter.

Sadly, all this was probably the highlight of my week, not finally getting a cover letter written and sending out a few resumes.

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