Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Semi Exciting News

After 20 resumes and cover letters sent out in the last week I managed to get an interview.

Someone said to me today that they thought it would be "easier" to get a job here than in a place with more law schools (and more competition) like New York City. When put that way I suppose that statement makes sense.

But when you consider there were over 1000 lawyers just flooded into what is arguably the worst economy in the nation, and then throw in Tort Reform (which in all other states that have passed it has been declared unconstitutional since it makes plaintiff's access to courts nearly impossible), No-Fault Insurance, and a Supreme Court that is in the pockets of insurance companies so they feel it's their job to limits plaintiff's access to courts; it makes finding a job of any kind very difficult.

The simple reality is there are just not enough jobs here. While in areas like New York City, from what I gather, it's more "the pay isn't high enough."


joanne said...

while the competition may be stiffer in places like nyc, they might have a bigger job market

Elle Woods said...

That was kinda my point. But I guess I suck at getting that across.

Susie Law School said...

What kind of law do you want to practice?

Presumably this multistate thing means you can practice in other states? Or would you need to take another bar exam?

Elle Woods said...

I have no idea what type of law I want to practice.

Multistating out is scoring high enough on the multiple choice that your essays don't count. Michigan is one of the states that does it. Sadly I would still need to take another bar exam.

Spicy Law Girl said...

Honestly in, NY it's the same supply/demand thing...just more law schools, and even students from outside of NY wanting to be there.

The job search is so anti-climactic. Good luck!