Monday, May 16, 2005

Girls, Girls, get that cash; If it's 9 to 5 or shaking your ass...

Today was my first day back to work. It was definitly 9 to 5, but since I do have to get a 2nd job this week (because I'm so broke) you never know what it'll be. (Ok it won't be shaking my ass for sure!) I'm actually thinking about getting a job at Starbucks (thoughts?). By 2:00 I was convinced it just had to be at least 4:30 since I’d already done so much work. At least it didn’t go unnoticed since all my bosses were fawning over me today. It was nice to be somewhere that doing what I consider mindless, ½ assed work was appreciated. It’s a drastic change from Law School where I’m mediocre on a good day (granted I don’t put in a lot of effort so I supposed I shouldn’t bitch).

The biggest difference was that today I was actually doing things right and people were noticing and appreciating me. With the exception of Amy (Legal Writing Goddess) I never got that feeling this year. I never managed to put in a valiant effort since I never really thought it would even matter if I did. When I did all my reading I understood things the same if not worse then when I didn’t, so why put in the extra effort?

The property grades are up and I’m actually not upset. I did better then I thought I would, and probably better then I deserved to. I realized today I miss the Law School kids already. When you see people THAT much and then they’re gone it’s kind of sad.

In other good news one of my co-workers/bosses told me today that I should feel free to pursue a summer associate position. So maybe I’ll end up doing something law related this summer after all. Right now I think I just need time away from the evils of the law and having to think.

I keep telling myself that these posts are going to get interesting and funny, but I can’t really do that without telling all my shady stories. I realized today that my blog is more like a certain former roommates then the comical ones that led me to start this…DEPRESSING to say the least. Considering I've not decided if I'm ever running for political office I think that would be a bad idea to share my shady stories (or get a job shaking my ass)…There are already WAY too many witnesses.

Off to buy deodorant so I don’t smell at work tomorrow…Have a good one kids!


Anonymous said...

" Considering I've not decided if I'm ever running for political office I think that would be a bad idea to share my shady stories." Don't worry Tracy, if you ever decide to run I will be the one who shares your shady stories witht the public.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, "you miss the Law School kids." The law school kids miss you too.

Anonymous said...

ummm not gonna lie, we've done too much wack stuff to get elected to public office but we could always rig the election