Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Today at work this lady who called to rebook something she had cancelled told me I didn't know what I was doing and demanded my co-worker call her back. I would describe her as: bitchy, mentally imbalanced, ignorant…the list goes on. Essentially, she called me dumb since I couldn’t find her paperwork that DIDN’T exist. Damn, if only I’d checked the “contracts that haven’t been created for lack of information since the dumb-bitch never called back with all her information” file. I've been at this job for 5 years, I didn't even need a refresher on how to do things when I got back. I'm going to hang my diploma on the wall above my computer and I'm going to put pictures of me in my cap and gown from last year on my bulletin board. As a result of this phone call I put a sign on the bulletin board over my desk, it reads “You could be in property class.” It’s what I’ve been saying to myself after I get off the phone with high maintenance/dumb/annoying people the last 3 days, it works SHOCKINGLY well. I can’t believe that my inspiration at work has become not being in school.

In other news: The Duder got a blog, I added a link. He talked about a feature I am not aware of, calling in audio posts. (I'm going to be "phoning it in" kids...I'm excited). I’m really pumped to know that there is a number I can call and add audio posts immediately. Basically, I think I’ve just found a way to replace drunken quote sheets that is WAY more fun…Ok it might not be more fun then trying to read handwriting in the morning, but audio, come on, that is awesome.

Pistons kicked ass yesterday. I met up with 2 of my favorite law students (and got to go to the lodge for the first time in awhile), and I’m about to go meet another one of my favorites for a drink. It’s been a good week thus far; I’m not letting assholes at work bother me, good times, good games, good friends, good drinks.

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