Thursday, June 9, 2005

Why I was a Horrible Roommate: Trees, Drumming, Folders and Powdered Donuts (Part 2 in a Multi-Part Series)

It wasn’t long after moving in the 305 that I realized I would be spending more time with CMT, AM and BC then I would be with JS…In fact the first night we all got together there it became rather clear to me. Eventually for reasons I’m still not really clear on I began to just hang out with CMT and AM, making it awkward when they came over and we didn’t really talk to the girls I’d met them through. There are people you meet and just bond with, and that was kinda what happened with us.

So the first Saturday after we’ve moved in my roommates and I all decided to have a few people over. I know at least BC and I had people over and for awhile some of the other roommates were at least downstairs, they had to have been, since they soon busted my friends and I. I’d never really been friends with Big in high school, but I had him on my buddy list and I decided I’d invite him over, since he was a freshman and all and probably didn’t have any plans. He brought MC, CS was there, and of course B…Eventually Big asked if his friend BY could come over, and of clearly I said yes. I never realized it but that night I started hanging out with the people I’d spend the next 2 years partying with…Ohh all the marvelous Tuesday Night drinking Nights, West Wing Wednesdays, Thursdays starting the weekend, Friday and Saturday Parties, and then partying on Sundays if we got our work done early. It will go down as the alcoholic year, but my grades were good and I enjoyed myself.

So BY gets there, I believe Big did mention that BY smoked before he got there and I was little worried since we had a no smoking in the house rule, but I figured it would be ok. We were living in Ann Arbor, and people are so laid back about it there, so it just never seemed like it would be a big issue. I’ve never smoked before that night, but it just didn’t seem like a big deal to me. Well apparently it was. Two of my roommates came out onto the porch and told BY he couldn’t have pot there, which was so lame, since we weren’t even smoking it at that time. Later they also kicked he and Big out of our yard for smoking in his car which was parked in our yard. We made our first trip to “the beach” that night, aka-Volleyball Field. The overreaction was astounding, and probably helped drive me to my “stoner years,” which I’ve since grown out of and stopped rebelling (at least in that fashion).

Ok, so I’ve set the stage for how I met the culprits in the real story here. One Saturday we were partying late night style. I think CMT and AM rolled in around 2:00 a.m., and for whatever they brought snacks. Chips (I think), Licorice (I think), but they definitely brought powdered donuts (I’m positive of this for reasons I will detail later). So, Big, CMT, Econa (I think), Z, AM, CS, MC, myself and maybe some others are partying until like 4 or 5 a.m. and of course things are getting nuts since we made CMT, AM, Econa and Z play catch up. So at one point we all need to pee…of course, AM, CMT and I decide to go to the bathroom together. I’m sure we were being loud (since that’s how we roll). At the time AM and CMT were taking a class in Afro-Cuban drumming or some shit, all I really know is that they had drumming class. CMT tore it up and AM had a little trouble carrying a beat, as a result she played the triangle in the recital…Seriously the class had a recital. So AM and CMT decide to practice their drumming (around 3 a.m. I’d say) on the wall that one of my roommates shared with the bathroom. They were playing the beat from “Dog Show” with Molly Shannon and Will Ferrell on SNL and saying something that I’m not going to lie, I laughed at but don’t care to repeat. I wish the bad things we did that night ended there but unfortuntatly, they do not. (I should mention I knew I was moving out by this time and things had degenerated to where I basically wasn't on speaking terms with anyone in the house).

Around 4 a.m. CMT disappears to go to the bathroom. All of a sudden I hear a lot of noise. I go check on her to make sure she’s ok. I see 2 boxes of folders belonging to the roommate who I mentioned yesterday used to leave shit out all over the house all the time strewn all over the landing and the stairs. (These folders had been left outside MY door of all places and had been left there for MONTHS). These folders were (big shocker if you know the person) for [an organization that does events and stuff for children such as pen-pals, mentors in the classroom etc]. CMT is laying on the floor rolling all over them, and I just fall down laughing uncontrollably at this sight. All of a sudden, said roommate comes out (tired and pissed) and asks “Can I help you?” We managed to get the folders back in the box and go downstairs.

Now, if you’ve ever been to the 305 you know that during the month of December a Christmas calendar is hung in the living room. It was one of my roommates and it was made by her mom. It was cute. It was one of those ones with a tree and 25 pockets. Each pocket had an ornament and each day you hung an ornament on there, when the tree was full it was Christmas (on a related note: the roommate who owned the tree had a favorite ornament, a fish; one of our roommates would intentionally hang it before she got a chance to). So MC decides that she wants to leave BC a present, and puts a powdered donut in one of the pockets. There was also some sort of powdered donut fight that night, and the living room had powdered sugar all over. I came home from work at the hands on Museum in the morning (hung over as all hell), and apparently BC had cried about the disrespect done to her mom’s calendar. While I did feel bad I thought it was a little dramatic, but that was how we rolled at the 305.

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