Tuesday, August 9, 2005

One Reason I'm a Nerd

Ok, I'll admit it...

  • I
  • Love
  • Making
  • Lists
  • !!!

I love everything about lists...

  • The organization gives me
  • Being able to cross things off lists when I'm done
  • The satisfied feeling I get as I draw a line through a task
  • Knowing that what I need to do it carefully thought through and that I have a plan for attacking it
  • The clear cut manner is which things are presented in a list (yes this is another way of saying organization but I'm just that anal that I needed to mention it again

I make lists:

  1. On random sheets of paper
  2. In my head
  3. On my dry eraser board
  4. On my Palm Pilot-which I then download to Outlook
  5. Excessively on my blog-my noticing that is what prompted this post

I love lists with:

  • Numbers
  • Bullet Points
  • Dashes

I make lists regarding:

  1. Of things I have to do
  2. Of things I'd like to do
  3. Of things I should do
  4. Of books I'd like to read
  5. Of songs I'd like to download
  6. Of things I need to do that day/week/month
  7. Of things I need to check on
  8. The list goes on...(Sorry for the super cheesy pun)

I know making lists just feeds in OCD/ADD nature but I just can't function without a clear cut plan of what's going on and what needs to happen. As a result I think I make lists excessively on my blog since I overestimate everyone else's need/want to have everything laid out in a clear cut manner...But whatever, I'm over analyzing, and proving I'm a nerd.

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