Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Office Hours can be fun

The other day I stopped by my Taxation Professor's office hours. I had missed class and I sit in the very front so I decided to stop by and explain to him and ask him a couple questions I had while I was there.

On his door is this picture of him with at least 50 trophies in front of him. I had to ask him what they were for.

He casually responded, "Ohh, they aren't mine...I did win a trophy once. Tennis. Doubles. My wife is very good...I'm not."

Next he launched into a story about the origin of the trophies.

Apparently, his son (a Senior at my alma mater) bought them on e-bay for a great price (and then had to pay $60 shipping). His son bought 65 trophies (most of them dance related from the description my professor gave). He described how they came unassembled and in 6 huge boxes and how confused he and his wife were when they got there. Yet, he did not describe why his son had decided to make such a purchase.

Of course, I couldn't resist asking why he bought them.

He explained that his son likes to give out trophies to people for random things, and in addition to that he likes to hold events and give out trophies. He creates new plaques for the trophies and hands them out. Apparently last weekend he hosted paddle boat races, and of course, presented the winner with a trophy.

My Professor told me all this like it was the most normal thing he'd ever heard, I don't know if that is what made it so funny for me or if it was just the story in general.

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