Thursday, October 6, 2005

Law School Urban Legend

Well we knew it would happen sooner or later...I'd have to Eat my words about how law school is fantastic and splendid and how I don't actually hate it. I thought it would take to November for this to occur but I'm already doing it on October 6th*.

Anyway, the point here is that I'd like to address a myth. Everyone tells the 1L's that "It gets better after first year." Yeah, that my friends, is just that, a MYTH. While picking your classes makes it a little better by the time you're out of 1L year you've blocked so much of it out that really the rest of law school is just as bad. Particularly since you're sitting there going, it's going to get better soon, and it doesn't. You get better at skimming cases and you learn which Professors you have to read for, but really it still sucks.

As I sit in the library killing time blogging rather then doing something useful like, ohh I don't READING FOR TAX, blinded by my caffeine withdrawl because it takes a Venti White Mocha with an extra shot of expresso (yes, 4 expresso shots in the mornings kids) I'm realizing that I had to leave my house an hour and 15 minutes before my 9am class started and i'm cranky and I hate law school and I refuse to read right now.

I've already missed over 1/2 my alloted absences for 2 of my classes and the others I have no idea how many I'm allowed but I'm sure I'm getting close. I've used 1/2 my "Don't call on Elle Woods" notes in employment discrimination and we're not exactly 1/2 way through yet. So basically, to sum up, I'm going to be bitching about school a lot in the near future.

In exciting news:

  • My family has left town and I've got the whole house to myself.
  • Tonight is Karaoke Night with the law students-drunken singing and a generally embarassingly good time will be had by all.
  • Friday is the Weezer Concert!
  • I'm going to the homecoming football game on Saturday and Partying at the Alma Mater that night!
*(SHHH! It's really been my feeling since the end of September but I've been hoping it was a phase-but no I'm sure of it now...LAW SCHOOL SUCKS!)

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RedHerring45 said...

I concur...

School Sucks.