Monday, October 3, 2005

Stalker Q & A...

Well, I'm done with my reading for tomorrow and I'm sitting here listening to C-SPAN. Reading CNN and apperently I also cannot stop blogging. So I'm going to answer the questions I got from readers about the Stalker.

Mo's Questions were:

1) Since he follows you everywhere and sits beside you most of the time, does he actually TALK to you or does he pretend nothing's going on?

  • Yes he does talk to me. He tends to even come up and talk to me when I've snuck outside (to avoid him) and do things like smoke in peace as I like to do. He types notes to me on his laptop in class, asks me questions that really there is no reason he should know and I get the feeling that he's just doing it to talk to me, he even tries to touch me (which is when I really freak) and tries to hold a normal conversation with me but can't seem to actually do it.
2) Did he begin to stalk you as un anonymous person or did you know from day one he was the one messed up guy?

  • I knew he was a little off based on comments from class last year, and then there was the whole blog fiasco (he had a blog and a discussion board and it was vulgar (his fault and my fellow classmates fault) and the law school administration basically told him to shut it down). But now it's become clear that he is just imbalanced.
3) Don't you have some tall intimidating boyfriends who could take him OFF YOUR BACK?

  • Yes, and thank goodness they all think (as if there is another way of thinking about it) that he's a total weirdo. Most of my guy friends are being really good about keeping him away from me and helping to get the point across to him that I'm not interested at all. Mike and Russ at Barely Legal have been very supportive and helpful in giving me ideas as to how to help this guy get the point that I'm not into him.

E-Blogger wanted to know:

1) If you liked him, would it still be considered stalking?

  • At this level, YES!


Mo said...

That's a pretty bad. I guess as long as you can contain the situation to a certain "bearable" degree...Although would he come to "touch" which would make me completly go CRAZY too, you'd have to think of taking serious steps against that guy, Yuck! Thanks for answering! :-)

RedHerring45 said...

He seems a bit off to me...

Anonymous said...

I had a stalker once, only this guy knew where I lived, and I didn't know who he was. He finally got busted when he trespassed on my parents property, and was throwing Tums at my bedroom window to get me to peek outside. Everytime I looked outside, he ducked behind a bush. My neighbor saw him and called the police. Before that, he would leave roses on my car. One time he took a polaroid of a bunch of rose petals on a bed and left that on my car with no note or anything. The moral of this story is to be very certain your creepy stalker guy doesn't follow you home.