Monday, October 3, 2005

"The Wedding Song-She's Found Herself a Man" aka-the Stalker Song

The Previous Post is the song the stalker wrote for me, recorded in his living room and sent to me...CREEPY to SAY THE LEAST.

It's just a part of it, as I didn't feel like holding my phone up to my computer speakers for 4 minutes just so everyone could listen to the entire song (plus who would want to listen to a song recorded in a living room and recorded on a cell phone for that long).

So now if you're keeping track:

  • The Stalker send me multiple e-mails a day
  • All e-mails are signed "Hugs"
  • He's 40
  • He always wears Jean Shorts
  • Is in all my classes
  • Tries to sit next to me and has been able to 50% of the time-the last classes I outsmarted him and got there late
  • He took up smoking so he could follow me out during our class breaks and stand around outside with me during breaks
  • Has definitely been caught checking me out
  • Has written and recorded me a song
  • Sent me the song
  • Stalks me in the library
  • Makes comments about liking young girls (apparently 22 is JUST young enough)
  • Wants to form a study group
  • Sends me his class notes



Mo said...

Legally Blond, this is a bit confusing so I have a couple of questions but it's SERIOUSLY creepy.
1) Since he follows you everywhere and sits beside you most of the time, does he actually TALK to you or does he pretend nothing's going on?
2) Did he begin to stalk you as un anonymous person or did you know from day one he was the one messed up guy?
3) Don't you have some tall intimidating boyfriends who could take him OFF YOUR BACK?
Jokes aside, Bb careful though.
BTW I can't get over the fact he seriously took step to record that song and somehow thought it was an awesome idea to do to send it out. SHAME

RedHerring45 said...

I think he has seen Billy Madison too many times...

Seems like his approach to stalking has a distinct Adam Sandler vibe to it.

If you liked him, would it still be considered stalking?