Monday, October 3, 2005

"A pit bull in size 6 shoes."

I'm so worked up about this nomination I can't compose a coherent post so I'm just going to have to put some random thoughts out there.

  1. Do you think Bush laughs inside when he says things to the effect of Harriet Miers protecting liberty?
  2. If confirmed Harriet Miers will be the 110th justice to sit on the U.S. Supreme Court, she'll be the 37th (this could be wrong, Senator John Cornyn keeps saying 40th) to be nominated and confirmed without having previous judicial experience. Preserving the independence of the Judiciary does not mean that senators and the people do not have a right to know her view on hypotheicals, it doesn't mean they have to rule the same way if the facts are different.
  3. Nearly 1/3 of the Justices to have served on the Supreme Court not having prior judicial experience seems really high to me.
  4. I've watched WAY too much C-Span today.
  5. I better go buy some coat hangers
  6. Scott McClellan might be my least favorite person ever.
  7. I find it odd that Dick Cheney was appointed to pick the Vice Presidentential candidate and Miers has been helping pick Supreme Court nominees.
  8. "Professor Falls" is going to be going nuts tomorrow-and I'm SOO excited to hear it.
  9. The justices who didn't vote for Roberts have now "cried wolf" so to speak and now it's going to be hard to get voters to understand why this would be a bad person to confirm.
  10. "Legislating from the bench" is the phrase of the day. How come liberals are "legislating from the bench" and are "activist", yet decisions like Kelo and Hambi can come down and it's being "judicial"
  11. I love Chuck "it could be a lot worse" Schumer; because actually, it could be. He's really an underrated politican. Quote of the day: "Her time as lottery commissioner isn't going to tell us very much."
  12. As much as I love Chuck I do not like how he labeled O'Connor's seat as a "swing seat." You can't decide that seats of the Supreme Court are reversed for certain type of people. Although, lately that has happened with the replacement of Thurgood Marshall by Clarence Thomas and now the replacement of Sandra Day O'Connor with another woman. My problem with this isn't keeping women and minorities on th court, it's that I think it actually makes it harder to get them there-now there are just token woman/minority seats and we don't have to worry about filling any of the seats held by white males with anything else.

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